LMKG Chartered Accountants

Business & Financial Advisory Services

Under the threat of increased competition from both domestic and international businesses, the demand for efficient and economical business processes is ever-increasing. At LMKG Charted Accountants we provide a range of services to help meet the valuable demands of its clients, which include:

Feasibility Study

Detailed feasibility study for the establishment of any new entity / industry is the key towards success through market study, Demand supply gap analysis, strategic planning, financial analysis and needs and means of financing.

Appraisal & Evaluation

Appraisal & Evaluation is the key to assess business, properties, stocks and stores, machineries, equipment, vehicles etc, which help in revaluation, rebuilding, acquiring, selling, mortgaging, amalgamation and joint ventures.

Performance Measurement

Performance measurement assists in selecting metrics for measuring performance against business objectives, can help meet the measurement needs of a company’s stakeholders, and can enable the organization to create processes that allow comparisons to peer organizations or non-peer, best-in-class operations.

Process Improvement Services

Process Improvement Services helps evaluate how business processes are affected by risk and how an organization can improve performance by addressing risk. Focusing on key business processes, it can help develop an action plan to accomplish improvement objectives.

Cost Management Services
Cost Management Services identifies ways to manage costs in key expense areas. Contract reviews are used to help validate whether a company’s pricing arrangements are competitive and whether charges to a company are in accordance with contract terms.

  • Accounting consultancy, assistance and book keeping
  • Review of accounting and finance functions
  • Operational and system risk management
  • Controls and assurance services
  • Operational risk services
  • Technology risk services
    Internal audits
  • Inventory Management services
  • Assistance in negotiations

Other Business & Financial Services;

  • Accounting & Operational Policies.
  • Processes & Procedures.
  • Franchise Manuals.
  • Translation Services.

Treasury management

Treasury management (or treasury operations) includes management of an enterprise’s holdings, with the ultimate goal of managing the firm’s liquidity and mitigating its operational, financial and reputational risk.

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