LMKG Chartered Accountants

Tax Returns & Payments

  • Taxable Persons should pay Corporate Tax and file their Corporate Tax Return within 9 months from the end of the relevant Tax Period. For example, a Taxable Person with a Financial Year ending on 31 December is required to file their Tax Return and pay Corporate Tax on or before 30 September the following year.


  • Submitting a Tax Return late or a delay in making a payment of Corporate Tax Payable will result in a penalty of:
  • AED 500 for each month of delay, or part thereof, for the first twelve months;
  • AED 1,000 for each month of delay, or part thereof, from the thirteenth month onwards.


  • The Tax Return can be submitted by the Taxable Person, or another Person who has the right to do so on the Taxable Person’s behalf, for example, a tax agent or a legal representative.
  • Where a Tax Group has been formed, the Parent Company will be required to file Tax Returns on behalf of the whole Tax Group. There is no need for a separate return to be filed for each member of the Tax Group.
  • In addition to the information required in the Tax Return, the Taxable Person must also provide any other information reasonably required by the FTA, including for example, the Financial Statements used to calculate Taxable Income.

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